World Mental Health Day: Workplace Mental Wellness


October 10th marks World Mental Health Day, commemorating the importance of mental health in all parts of your well-being.

Mental health in the workplace should be an issue that needs to be more talked about. According to Mental Health America, less than one-third of Americans are unhappy with their work. An unhealthy workplace can be the root for poor health, unhappy relationships, and an overall poor workplace performance.

Here are some ways to combat stressed workplace environments in your own working environment (loosely based off the Mental Health America article linked above)

  1. Creating a positive workplace atmosphere. Creating an atmosphere where colleagues and employees feel validated, safe and included
  2. Open Communication. Communicating effectively within your departments to ensure that everyone is on the same page, avoiding conflict and work stress
  3. Employee and Management Accountability. Being accountable as an employee, letting supervisors and coworkers know workplace stress, and vice versa
  4. Work/Life Balance. Taking part in the work/life balance initiatives in your departments and within the university
  5. Fitness. Taking advantage of the fitness, wellness and recreational initiatives in your company. Even small forms of fitness (walking, taking a few minutes away from the computer, choosing the healthier options in dining halls, etc.) help with your mental health in many ways.

Here at UCSD, we offer different resources that will help with workplace wellness.

  1. UCSD Faculty and Staff Assistance: Offers counseling services for you and your immediate family
  2. Employee Wellness: UCSD Recreation’s FitLife, Workstrong and FitLife Occupational programs cater specifically to staff and faculty wellness.
  3. UCSD Thrive: Thrive offers resources, observances, and programs that would help combat workplace wellness.

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