The Great American Smokeout 2016: Health Benefits When A Smoker Quits

Smoking is still one of the leading kills in America today.
Need reason to quit? Here is a timeline of how your body will be once you start the recovery process (this information comes from the American Cancer Society and other infographics)

  • 2o Minutes: your rate and blood pressure drops
  • 12 Hours: the carbon monoxide level in your blood drops to normal
  • 2 Weeks to 3 Months: Your circulations improves, and your lung infection increases
  • 1-9 months: Coughing and shortness of breath decreases
  • 1 year: The excess risk of coronary heart disease drops
  • 5 years: Risk of mouth, throat, esophagus and bladder cancer is cut in half.
  • 10 years: Risk of lung cancer is about half that of a person who is still smoking, as does larynx and pancreas cancer.
  • 15 years: Risk of coronary heart disease is that of a non-smoker

As you can see, the healing process once one begins to stop smoking is quick and beneficial.

For graphics and information that you can share in your departments, you can see the toolkit here.


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