4 Ways to Have a Healthier 2017

2017 is here and it’s that time of the year where we begin to create health and wellness goals for the new year!

Instead of setting unrealistic and unattainable goals, here are some smaller and more manageable goals to take into consideration coming into the new year.

  1. Incorporate more movement to your routine
    Whether it be taking the stairs instead of the elevator, parking a little further to get some extra steps, consistent movements has been shown to be beneficial to one’s health. This is especially needed for folks who work in sedentary conditions such as offices or people who work from home.
  2. Pick up tea instead of coffee
    While coffee can reduce risks of heart attacks and increases fiber intakes, you can also consider tea as a good alternative when coffee is not for you. Teas such as green tea can still give you the sense of alertness and a nice energy booster.
  3. Start small, but effective ways to eat clean
    It’s a common saying that while it is important to exercise daily, what would be more important is eating clean. While eating the right way can be a struggle for most of us, it’s not completely impossible. An article from Greatist shows us the best way to start eating cleaning, starting in January. You can check out the recipes here. It only takes one step to reaching that clean eating goal.
  4. Prioritize mental health and wellness
    So far we have talked about ways to make your physical health in shape for 2017. It’s equally important to make sure that one’s mental wellbeing is in shape as well. Start by adding quick meditation techniques to your daily schedule, and to practice showing more gratitude and kind to yourself. For more, you can check out Popsugar’s article here.

What are your new health goals for 2017? Share in the comments below!


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