Get Fit! 4 Ways To Amp Up Fitness For 2017

(via A Glass of Ice)

Create manageable fitness goals.
Many folks would feel pressured to have a big fitness goal for the year. If fitness is a new priority for you, start small benchmark goals. It is said that it takes 21 days to create a habit, so instead of a big fitness goal for 2017, try to create a small goal, commit to it for 3-4 weeks, and create fitness habits that will last far beyond 2017.

Add Creativity to your fitness routine
Let’s face it–sometimes we can get bored with hitting the gym during the fitness week. For 2017, expand your fitness regimen by taking a class, joining a sports league or taking your workout outdoors. Fitness is beneficial not just physically but should stimulate a sense of fun and play as well.
Remember that this is YOUR fitness journey–and everyone has a different pace.
Find a balance between looking up fitness inspiration on Instagram and focussing on your own journey.  Set small but positive reminders to steadily motivate YOU, not the goals and motivations of others.
Reward yourself for your fitness goals
Working towards something has always been a positive factor to achieving goals.Write out a reward plan and stick it on your noticeboard.  Set rewards (suiting your budget) and work towards them. Remember, hard work pays off.
What are you fitness goals for 2017? Share it with us!

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